“Is This Another Virtual Assistant Company?” No. Our primary focus is not virtual administrative work. Our specialists come with a diverse set of skills developed from various backgrounds and careers. Our main goal is to listen to your needs, and develop a plan for what services we could provide at the most efficient and effective deliveries specific to your business. If general VA work is needed, we can provide a referral.
Due to the nature of our work, we only bring on a handful of clients at any one time.

Theresa M. Pinto | Founder & Chief Strategist

Theresa is a 25 year chamber of commerce professional, who started at the bottom and worked her way up the career ladder in a short amount of time. “It was an amazing statement to what could be achieved with passion and commitment; proving money does not solve everything. Innovative thinking and disruptive chaos work amazingly.”

Working with small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits has been my passion. Theresa does not sell people, product, ideas or programs she does not believe in. She also does not sell, she MARKETS; and there is a big difference. “I have found over the years that if you are honest and passionate of which you speak, people listen and people buy-in to the passion.”

What does it matter to you? This is not a mass production or waiting room full of clients. “I am so engrossed with the people I am working with, their passion, their dreams and their challenges, that I can only commit to a handful of clients at any one time.”​

Stay Tuned…We are currently adding team members

We are currently making our selections for just the right fit for our culture. Looking for skilled, passionate and service minded individuals. Those who have hustle and love working with small businesses and nonprofits. Could be a few entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in the mix. If you have a side hustle yourself and would like to join us on our journey, please email us using our contact form.